Showa Giken Co., Ltd. (is called “us” as follows.) we promise to respect the privacy of all of you using our Web site to the maximum.
We establish the privacy policy in our Web site as follows to protect the right of privacy and deal with the personal information of all of you based on this severely.

  • Our Web site where a privacy policy is applied to
    It is applied to all Web sites in the next domain that we own.
  • Range of the personal information of all of you
    We intend for the information that can distinguish a name or address, a phone number, an e-mail address, all of you individual including other information to ask you about as needed. (called “personal information” as follows.)
  • A use purpose and collection method of the personal information
    We collect the personal information of all of you for the use purpose that they stated clearly when they ask all of you for an offer of the personal information or the next use purpose. For the purpose of the improvement of correspondence and the service of various inquiries,we have you provide information of by an inquiry form or an E-mail and a telephone, a document.
  • Third party offer of the personal information
    We manage the personal information of all of you appropriately, and disclose it to a third party except the next case and do not provide it.
    When we obtain all of you’s consent
    When, in a range necessary for the achievement of the use purpose, we consign a privacy policy to a subcontractor, the duties bond-issuing company (cases to consign the shipment of the document which had you request it and the shipment of the teaching materials which had you purchase it to the mover)
    When, in the state that the identification of the all of you individual is impossible, we use it as statistical data
    When, based on laws and ordinances, personal information is required
  • About other sites linked to
    About the protection of the personal information of all of you in other Web sites linked to our Web site, we are not things taking responsibility.
  • Change of contents
    The contents of this document may be changed without a notice.About the contents for change of that case, contents than a point in time when we showed our site it shall be applied.