Showa Giken Co., Ltd. acquired environmental management “eco-action 21”.

※ With eco-action21

Say the guidelines that Ministry of the Environment settled about an action to environment and the report.

Having a sign to environment, act, and all companies gather a result and evaluate it, and Ministry of the Environment plans the spread as a method to report it.

Register and, in Ministry of the Environment, authenticate a company performing an action based on guidelines of eco-action 21.

Announce our environmental activity report, please confirm it.


※ An “environmental activity report” PDF version opens when click the following images.


Environmental activity report

  • Summary of the organization
  • Figure of EA21 activity promotion enforcement system
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental aim
  • Environmental activity plan, enforcement
  • Environmental activity plan and evaluation, action of the next fiscal year
  • As a result of confirmation of observance situation such as the environmental lows concerned, evaluation and violation having suit or not.
  • As a result of overall evaluation and review by the representative