Maintenance for Centrifuge /Rotary Machine/Reduction Gear/Cylinder leave it to us

Cope the trust of the customer by our technology

By reliable technology based on the conventional results from the high-speed rotary machine including various centrifuguges and the full maintenance such as reduction gear more precision hydraulic control cylinder to parts design production, we meet the demand of the customer, not only the country but also foreign countries(the Asia zone in particular) Leave it to Showa Giken.
If the maintenance such as vartious centrifuges,a rotary machine ,a reduction gear,the hydraulic control cylinder is parts production more Leave it to Showa Giken.

The Dynamic balance and makes modifications, leave it to us!

The motion of parts balances and makes modifications, leave it to us! Please consult if worried about a vibration and growl sound of a centrifuge, the rotary machine.
A largest dimension: φ 1800, full length: 4,500mm, gross weight: we can revise the work to 1 kg – 3,000 kg.

We can do anything from parts repair to production

We can do anything from the repair of parts to production Than purchase it from the maker the damage parts repair drawing making in us and to produce it; …
By the way, it is early and can offer a better product cheaply.


製品の改造 It depend on the machine, but can remodel the machine to give performance.
We can perform all the demand of the customer from a design to processing after inquiry in our factory.