Though I want to repair a machine, where should I depend on?

Leave it to us!
We was engaged in the maintenance of the high-speed rotary machine (centrifuge in particular) mainly since our establishment of a business for many years.
Therefore the rotary machine and reduction gear box that we made use of the know-how that we cultivated in is confident of the maintenance of the oil pressure system machine more.

It has been large amount of maintenance costs and long delivery date when I asked the maker for repair.

Leave it to us!
Even if we are defective in the parts which disintegrated, we design the parts in most cases in our factory repair it and produce it.
Therefore cheapness enabled short delivery date more because flexible correspondence was possible.

I want to repair the old machine which a drawing is not left in the maker either.

Leave it to us!
While a worker makes a structure drawing carefully when we maintain a machine without a drawing in us,we disintegrate. In addition, we perform the verge of the assembling while reading the drawing which we made.
You want and accept it, make the assembling drawing.

It was declined when I asked the maker for the maintenance of an old machine.

Leave it to us!
Most of the machines which are in us are machines used after production for 40 years from 30 years. (the oldest machine was a pump made after the war.)
The production is possible without parts in the maker, is flexible without a drawing.

I want the evidence that I maintained in us.

Leave it to us!
We make it and submit a report after maintenance completion after the resolution each in us.
We keep the maintenance that a customer can see as much as possible in mind.

The motion such as the impellers of the pump wants to keep the balance.

Leave it to us!
We own a motion balancing machine in us.
The request only for balance corrections is OK, too!!

The feather of the screw conveyer has been worn.

Leave it to us!
An expert welder is in us and is good at hygiene after weldingt, spray repair and welding of the hardening agent.